Still Photography, Videos, Interviews and Showreels

A few things that are widely known and acknowledged include: –

  • A picture can speak a thousand words. Pictures can speak louder than words.
  • First impressions matter. We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Having the end user client or customer speaking positively about is often a much stronger message than anything the manufacturer or supplier says.
  • Independent, unbiased, positive third-party testimonial is credible and probably the next best thing to a good comment by word-of-mouth.

That is why, for many clients, we organise, brief and direct professional; photography, videography and photo and video editing.

To that, we add Animation & Graphic Illustration for websites, exhibitions, e-mails, e-blasts, newsletters, videos online adverts and presentations.

One widely used output (why it is done) is Showreels for exhibition stands.

Our clients find that they use selected photos and/or video clips over and over again which give them great value for money, but …

… that can be very dependent on ensuring the brief is right.
We make sure it is and are on site and on hand to make certain that the required images, footage, interviews and content are captured.

The difference between well-briefed, well-directed and well-shot professional photography and videography is worlds apart from ‘amateur snaps and clips often on mobile phones’. They have their uses but not as the visual flagship of what is absolutely best about an organisation’s products, services, deliverables and successes and (as we all know) …
…. we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Behind The Lens – Drone filming at Plantsman PO for Dolav UK 

Behind The Lens – Drone filming at Plantsman Producer Organisation for Dolav UK

See finished video, the leaflet and write-up at: 
Case study Dolavs at Plantsman PO 

Drone filming (showing 1 min 10 seconds) for: –
The Jungle! Woking Park Play Area Opening Day video for Russell-Play

Drone footage shot to be compliant with requirements and permission of the Local Authority site owner, CAA approval and operational conditions, a licensed drone pilot, all relevant insurances and correct distances from people and buildings.