Expo Showreels

Showreels for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, presentations and websites

Attention grabbers!

  • At exhibitions, conferences and seminars showreels have a job to do.
    – They must grab the attention of people passing with video clips, photos, graphics or animations – and usually, silently, all day in a continuous loop.
  • Passing, glancing attention spans can be very brief so showreel sequences can be equally brief. Please see examples and observations below.


  • For exhibition stand staff and other exhibitors, our experience is that silent running showreels are welcome and added titles, subtitles and graphics can add any words that are needed – and in the language for the event/location.

Showreel for auto lead-acid battery recycling exhibitions in UK & Europe for plastic pallet box maker: Dolav

Displays applications, ran continuously. Client uses it in the UK & Europe.

IMHX showreel Materials Handling, for Dolav UK with English subtitles
also used at Rosupack with subtitles in Russian for Dolav
This version shows animated drawings adverts of a new product pre- launch.