Case Study & Product Videos

Case Study and Product Info Videos for a client, Dolav

On YouTube, these short videos add to Internet presence
The many Product Information Videos illustrate customer/user benefits.
These numerous Case Studies show very positive testimonial spoken by end-user decision makers.

Dolav UK – Videos at As below

Dolav newsletter website video page screen grab
Dolav newsletter website video page screen grab includes these: –
  • Dolavs at Future Biogas
  • Welding Dolav Box Pallets
  • Cool chain box reduces weight & cost – Seafood Expo 2014 Dolav Showreel
  • Money talks at Yorkshire waste food recycling company
  • Green Dolavs Help Save Energy Handling Waste Ice
  • Potato Handling Hygiene for Food Processors in Dolav plastic pallet boxes
  • Apple Harvesting & Handling at Plantsman PO with Dolav Plastic Pallet Boxes
  • Bringing home the bacon in Dolav plastic pallet boxes Bacon Slicing & Storage
  • Nesting 3 into 2 Dolavs to reduce transport costs
  • Dolav ACE 1000 turning
  • Dolav Abuse Tests
  • Supermarket Aldi makes Electricity from Waste Food Using Dolav Plastic Pallet Boxes
  • Tried, Tested and Proven Wins At Cranswick with Dolav Box Pallets
  • Dolav Sims Lead Acid Battery Recycling
  • Keeping it ‘Cat 3 Clean’ and Profitable with the Dolav Ace
  • Dolav materials handling applications
  • Dolav Ace Lid Test
  • More payload, less weight and cost with Dolav Ace (Michael Lodahl)
  • Dolav Ace tipping paper being recycled
  • Dolav Hot Die Stamping Pallet Boxes
  • Dolav pallet boxes handle juice fruit for 25 years at Salvatori and Newmafruit
  • Food Processing
  • A Saviour! Rodanto verdict on Dolav Kitbins
  • Dolavs prove their long life over 30 years at Peake Fruit
  • Dolav UK RWM Showreel ‘World Efficiency’