Trico Vitreous Enamel’s website

Making it look good matters to Trico for its designer clients.

Vitreous enamel can look spectacular. So must the website. Good brief!


Eye appeal matters. For Trico VE the need to present its production to its best is very important. That needs good photographs. With Trico we selected the very best existing images and arranged photography of installed recent projects and at the factory to provide an excellent visual display of modern enamel products. They include; street signage, wayfinding maps, and architectural design building cladding panels.


  • Visitors can see in a moment the main and associated service offering
  • Photography display of many examples of completed and installed enamel product
  • Videos to show very brief views of the production process, resources and scale of operation
  • YouTube videos linked to the website and Search Engine Optimised to bring visitors to the website
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Responsive design and mobile friendly
  • On devices with phones, viewers just tap the website phone number to make a call
New website for Trico, Vitreous Enamellers
New website for Trico, Vitreous Enamellers