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Brief: “Reseach community play area projects and write the story for each for the play industry trade association the API for a publication which illustrates the benefits of communities to play areas and of play areas to communities.”

Community benefits of children’s play areas
Quoting from the forward, ‘Communities boosted by play areas’

[Extract] “This booklet demonstrates, through a series of case studies and personal stories, just how inspirational and beneficial children’s play areas can be within communities. As the stories were being told and the information gathered, an increasingly interesting and colourful picture unfolded. Each account reveals how children’s play areas, often unexpectedly and uniquely, have the potential to improve the quality of people’s lives.

“Where the provision of children’s play areas has been successfully embraced by communities, a picture of change in the lives of the children and communities begins to emerge. Julie Reed, Friends of Ealand Park said, “Now children and families in the community meet and chat there. People go to the park with a picnic and they are there for hours which is great. It means children are outside playing and meeting other children and not indoors.” [Extract ends]

It is published by the API (Association of Play Industries), on its website

In the publication’s acknowledgments, it says:
[Extract] “Our thanks go to API members, their customers and the community campaigners who have contributed to this publication.
Thanks also to Mike Heath, Media Marketing Services who conducted qualitative surveys … with Local Authorities, and the grassroots community contacts who made things happen.” [Extract ends]

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"Community benefits of children's play areas" publication for Trade Body, The API
“Community benefits of children’s play areas” publication for Trade Body, The API

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