New Product E-Newscast

New product e-mail broadcast for Dolav Germany with embedded:

  • Dolav Germany logo
  • New product news and all possible copy in the German language
  • Animation of new product
  • Link to new product video
  • Exhibition free-entry code – each unique to each recipient
  • ‘Live’ telephone number – interactive on mobile phones
  • Still image of new product in action
  • Link to Dolav Germany website ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Link to Dolav’s  new product specification and info page
  • Animation of ‘exploded’ design drawings to show assembly/disassembly
  • Details of exhibition, website link and logo

E-newscast (MailChimp) shows here as web page in a browser also here

This page can also be seen at this location

With thanks to Dolav Germany