About Us

In brief:

  • Based in Warwickshire, in the West Midlands Region, PR M&MS has been providing B2B public relations, technical PR, media placement, digital marketing and full-line marketing services for several years. Clients are in The UK, Denmark/Scandinavia, Holland/Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Brazil and Asia/Pacific.
  • Planning is essential for a quick results action programme or medium- to longer-term build of e.g., audience awareness or Internet profile.
    Our Marketing Communications (Marcom) strategy, planning, action and deliverables seek to deliver best value results for available budgets.
  • All planning and completion are done in-house they include:-
    • Agreeing client requirements, outcomes, timing, resources and available budgets
    • A tailored proposal with relevant solutions and a budgeted costings
    • Researching the subjects or stories and completing write-ups with
      • Photography and video if suitable
      • Quotes from those interviewed
      • Full approval from all parties on final copy, photos and footage for publication
  • We achieve great results with the assistance of a tried trusted and selected individual: –
    • Photographers, videographers and audio technicians
    • Photo image, video and audio editors
    • Graphic designers
    • Website designers and technicians
    • Printers and exhibition display printers
    • A network of fellow PR, press and media professionals – and savvy IT specialists

About our clients

Our clients are mainly business-to-business (B2B) companies in the UK and mainland Europe.

Our history

“After 20 successful years with multinational and multi-client B2B organisations in marketing, communications and sales, Mike Heath has been operating successfully since 1990 as a PR and marketing services agency and consultancy firstly as Media & Marketing Services, now as, PR Media & Marketing Services Ltd. Our first clients were previous employers and their clients, suppliers, business associates or partner organisations. From there, successful results, positive networks and word-of-mouth recommendations have mainly fuelled growth.”