Services for our clients 

Customer & Prospect Communications

We provide a key solution the often stated problem: “There is always too much to do and important but non-urgent things don’t get done.”
One good example is the need to show prospective clients the excellent experience of current clients, customers and users with products or services.

Testimonials: We interview users who, having agreed to it, speak positively about their purchase and investment which is a much stronger message than the manufacturer or supplier speaking about it themselves.

  • Independent, unbiased, positive third-party testimonial is credible and probably the next best thing to a good comment by word-of-mouth.

Internal Communications

People are the most important resource. “With a clear skills shortage keeping staff well-informed with positive news can be essential.”
Equally, staff who feel ‘left in the dark’ are least likely to be the most effective or competitive performers. Good, well-planned internal communications can help greatly.

That is why, for many clients, we organise:

Case studies with Photography, Videos, Interviews

  • We brief and direct professional; photography, videography and photo and video editing.
  • To that, we add Animation & Graphic Illustration for websites, exhibitions, emails, e-blasts, newsletters, videos online adverts and presentations.
  • One widely used output is Showreels for exhibition stands, conferences and presentations
  • Our clients find that they use selected photos and/or video clips over and over again which give them great value for money, but …
    … that can be very dependent on ensuring the brief is right.
  • So, we make sure the brief is right is and we are on site and on hand to make certain that the required images, footage, interviews and content are captured.
  • See more on Case Studies – and Product Videos

The difference between well-briefed, well-directed and well-shot professional photography and videography is worlds apart from ‘amateur snaps and clips often on mobile phones’. They have their uses but not as the visual flagship to display what is best about an organisation’s products, services, deliverables and successes and (as we all know) … we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.